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Our merchandise is brought in from artisans spanning the globe and is constantly changing, so it is not possible to show everything on our website. We have additional pieces from Laguiole, Caspari, Vietri, Tag, Roost, Casafina, Fortunata, Le Jacquard Francais, Vagabond House, Le Cadeaux and many others. Please contact us for information on pricing and stock.

Classic Round footed Trivet

Classic Round footed Trivet

The round wooden board’s organic beauty is just a bonus, the large riser can also be utilized as a hot pad and can be paired with hot or cold dishes straight from the oven or fridge.

Material: Wood
Size(s): 14.5" Diameter
Classic Round footed Trivet Pricing
Classic Round Footed Trivet $120.00 Add to Basket
Classic Cheese Dome

Classic Cheese Dome

Each piece is made of mouthblown recycled glass. Edged with a rim of tin, and topped with a reclaimed wood handle, this cheesedome is an elegant means of keeping cheese fresh.

Material: Glass & Wood
Size(s): 12.75" Diameter
Classic Cheese Dome Pricing
Classic Cheese Dome $210.00 Add to Basket
Volterra Round Platter with Handles

Volterra Round Platter with Handles

The Round Platter is a perfect piece for serving, use for cakes, appetizers or a tray for serving drinks .

Material: Glass & Pewter
Size(s): 15"
Volterra Round Platter with Handles Pricing
Volterra Round Platter with Handles $255.00 Add to Basket
Volterra Deep Salad Bowl

Volterra Deep Salad Bowl

Made from handmade glass infused with a white swirl and enhanced with our signature pewter trim.

Material: Glass
Size(s): 9.5" Diameter
Volterra Deep Salad Bowl Pricing
Volterra Deep Salad Bowl $149.00 Add to Basket
Chiseled Edge Granite Lazy Susan

Chiseled Edge Granite Lazy Susan

Chill the Lazy Susan in the fridge or freezer before arranging your goodies and, thanks to the remarkable thermodynamic properties of granite, foods will stay chilled while you enjoy them.

Material: Granite
Chiseled Edge Granite Lazy Susan Pricing
Casafina Fattoria Ramekin

Casafina Fattoria Ramekin

Casafina's Fattoria ramekin is a fabulous way to serve individual desserts or appetizers.

Material: Ceramic
Size(s): 4"
Casafina Fattoria Ramekin Pricing
Frattoria Ramekin $11.50 Add to Basket
Linky Salad Servers

Linky Salad Servers

Fun salad set inspired by chain link will add a festive touch to your favorite salad.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size(s): 12"L x 2.75"W
Linky Salad Servers Pricing
Linky Salad Servers $54.00 Add to Basket
Provencal Steak Knives

Provencal Steak Knives

The Provençal serrated knives are modern and unique. The knives are available with a gold or red handle.18/10 stainless steel blade: greater resistance to stains and rust, superior shine. Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended. Set of 4.

Material: Stainless Steel/Acrylic
Size(s): 9.25" L
Provencal Steak Knives Pricing
Provencal Steak Knives in wood box $82.00 Add to Basket