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Wine & Bar

We have a large assortment of decanters, pourer/stoppers, aerators (including Vinturi), Laguiole and electric openers, cocktail shakers, wine/champagne/ice buckets and many other wine/bar accessories, a sampling of which is on this site. Please contact us for more information on additional items available.

Cowhide flask

Cowhide flask

Perfect pocket sized flask with cowhide exterior and stainless interior. Various colors available.

Material: Stainless, hide
Size(s): 4" x 4"
Cowhide flask Pricing
Flask $34.50 Add to Basket
Leather Wine Clutch

Leather Wine Clutch

Bring not one but Two of your favorite wine bottles at the same time in a classy way with Pinot wine backpack. This bag will keep your bottles at an optimum temperature for hours because it insulated with synthetic wool on the inside. The bag also has dividers to protect the bottles from clinking against each other.

Material: Leather & Canvas
Leather Wine Clutch Pricing
Pinot 2 bottle Wine backpack $89.95 Add to Basket
Pewter elk Wine bucket

Pewter elk Wine bucket

Wood and Pewter trimmed classic wine chilling bucket.

Material: Wood & Pewter
Size(s): 8" diameter
Pewter elk Wine bucket Pricing
Elk Wine Chilling Bucket $299.00 Add to Basket
Champagne Bucket on stand

Champagne Bucket on stand

Nickel Wine Cooler on Stand by BIDK home

Material: Aluminium & Nickel
Size(s): 33" H 9" Diameter
Champagne Bucket on stand Pricing
BIDK home Champagne bucket on stand $240.00 Add to Basket
School of Fish Pitcher

School of Fish Pitcher

Every now and again we all swim against the current. With this artfully depicted school of fish design, beautifully etched and polished fish swim together, except for one little guy headed in the opposite direction. Made in US. 67 oz, capacity.

Material: Glass
Size(s): 10.5"H x 7.5"W
School of Fish Pitcher Pricing
School of Fish Pitcher $54.00 Add to Basket
Animal head aerator

Animal head aerator

Made in the USA with pewter. Available in dog, cat, horse, fish, boot and many more. Comes with replacement gasket.

Material: Pewter
Size(s): 2+" above rim
Animal head aerator Pricing
Pourer/aerator $29.00 Add to Basket
Golf Hounds Ice Bucket

Golf Hounds Ice Bucket

FORE! The golfers have teed it up & are ready to putt! This golf-themed Ice Bucket will set off your bar! All of the wonderful characters are wrapped around the vinyl coated ice bucket to keep your ice cold and ready for entertaining. Made in US.

Material: Vinyl
Size(s): 8" T x 7.75" Dia
Golf Hounds Ice Bucket Pricing
Bar Hounds Ice Bucket $84.00 Add to Basket
Soapstone Whiskey Rocks

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks

These whisky stones won't scratch your drinkware or add any unwanted flavor and they'll keep your libation ice cold without diluting its full-flavored spirit. Easy to use, just place in the freezer for four hours and rinse after use. Set of 9 with wood storage box.

Material: Soapstone
Size(s): 1" x 1" each
Soapstone Whiskey Rocks Pricing
Glacier Rocks $18.00 Add to Basket